• Digital Transformations

    Digital Transformations

    Visualising the Social through Digital Art Practice

  • Lost Change

    Lost Change

    Lost Change displays the publics finds from the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme

  • Terra Incognita

    Terra Incognita

    Visualising Wikipedias evolution, mapping the geographic articles for over 50 languages.

  • Luminous Cities

    Luminous Cities

    Luminous Cities explores how urban landscapes are described by traces left by social media.

  • BAS – Southern Ocean Studies

    BAS – Southern Ocean Studies

    A visualisation based on a simulation of the ocean currents around Antarctica.

  • Locus


    Guardian articles are mapped to places over time, creating a spatial & temporal trace of mediated events …

  • News Cloud

    News Cloud

    A news visualisation of the Guardian archive, showing search themes to create a temporal tag cloud.

  • Flickr London

    Flickr London

    Our interactive map plots all of the geo-located photos in london uploaded to flickr from 2005.

  • Cyclone


    Mapping conversation from newsgroups to a dynamic visualization of hurricanes..

  • Mapping Wikipedia

    Mapping Wikipedia

    A timeline visualisation of geo-located wikipedia articles created in the last decade.

  • Space Syntax – Google Earth Visualisations

    Space Syntax – Google Earth Visualisations

    Research displaying spatial analysis maps as 3D interactives…

  • Natural History Museum – Interactive Film

    Natural History Museum – Interactive Film

    Award winning augmented reality film at the Darwin Centre …

  • BBC SearchWeb

    BBC SearchWeb

    A tool for finding BBC content by generating a tree of links to relevant pages throughout the site…

  • Booknotes


    BBC Book Notes is an award winning eBook project for searching, navigating and annotating texts.

  • OU – News Cloud

    OU – News Cloud

    OU News Cloud is a web app for searching for Guardian articles produced for the Open University.

  • BBC Archive Explorer

    BBC Archive Explorer

    A tool for searching, navigating and getting new insights into the contents of the BBC archive.

  • OU Postcode Patterns

    OU Postcode Patterns

    An application for exploring social statistics in Milton Keynes, home of the Open University